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strategic communications for life sciences

To capture that story—to elevate it, communicate it, and compel action— demands a concise range of design and medical illustration skills.

We call it Science Storytelling. A process – and point of view – designed to capture the depth and breadth of your idea/discovery. In short, to tell a great story that commands attention, conveys information and sparks curiosity so that audiences want to know more.

Zika Virus 3D Model

The Zika virus is responsible for causing the Zika fever illness. The virus can be spread to people primarily through the bite of an infected Aedes species of mosquito, the same one that also transmits dengue and chikungunya viruses.


Supporting families through education about environmental & behavioral health risks allows them to learn how to make long-term impactful behavior changes and actively experience changes in health. PI's at Seattle Children's Research Institute team with Cognition to develop patient-oriented print and interactive research study materials, allowing them to gather mutliple layers of data during their investigations.


Instilling mindful behavior and positive attitudes create lasting cognitive changes and influence life long health practices. Collaborating with PI's at Seattle Children's Research Institute and Verizon, the WATTS Toolkit for children is designed to bring technology-driven interventional healthcare to families in need.


Building on 18 years of experience in specialty pharma, small biotech, and research-driven healthcare, Cognition's therapeutic category expertise include: immunotherapy, blood-related cancers, neurology, autoimmune, respiratory, infectious disease, and global, environmental and public health.


Collaborating with the CDC and the University of Washington's Aids & Education Training Center to develop the first HIV online medical continuing education platform designed as supplemental medical school education in hopes to validate online medical education for future global delivery of medical knowledge, offering support to the worlds largest unmet medical education areas.


Juno Therapeutics' science team worked closely with Cognition to develop a series of branded science storytelling illustrations that helped elevate their brand initiatives and communicate the complexity of how their technology platform works.


Finding new ways to support global product Account Management Teams through easy to use and update mobile APPs. Allowing clients to keep their field teams up to date with vital product information and support.

physician brochure, product illustration, drupal website design, physican training manuals, product illustrations

Cognition teamed up with Olympus Respiratory America to develop physician-based tools, allowing them to teach new patient selection and air leak isolation methods across the globe.

Female cut away, Male profile with brain highlighted, vascular system, brain exposed

Cognition teamed up with Swedish Neuroscience Institute to develop a series of targeted clinic communications for patient education describing gamma knife radio-surgery procedures & outcomes.


Nanoparticles  called protocols are the bleeding edge of targeted human cancer therapies. Oncothyreon's protocell platform is based upon nanoparticles capable of the targeted delivery of a wide variety of payload molecules, including nucleic acids, proteins, toxins and small molecules. Cognition's team works closely with their scientists to visualize and explain the complexity of their innovations through 3D medical models, animations and science storytelling.


Welcome to Cognition Studio

Our Expertise

Cognition is the only small, technology-forward, full-service strategic communications firm dedicated to life sciences industries.

We provide science storytelling, brand communications, and digital solutions to make complex science, products, and services understandable.

Today our Seattle company works with current and emerging leaders in the life science space. As measured by our ability to maintain longstanding client relationships, Cognition has separated from the pack by consistently delivering the clarity of information our clients are looking for from their agency.

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What We Do

  1. Interactive & Digital

    • continuing medical education, training modules, interactive design
    • scientific research, user experience, genetic testing, database design, drupal website design
    • tablet interface design, aids education, responsive design for healthcare
    • field research, kindle app design, environmental health
    • mobile education, medical continuning education, responsive design for healthcare

    Interactive & Digital

    At Cognition we are true believers in the power of design to advance a scientific agenda. We could use our critical design skills in an infinite number of ways, but we have a passion for science; for making a difference in the world; for helping people live a better life. Science is like that. And we like science.

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  2. Biomedical Visualization

    Biomedical Visualization

    Cognition didn’t start out with a focus on life sciences. It’s an expertise and a passion that has evolved, and since 2008 the majority of our practice and studio time has centered there.

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  3. Brand Communications

    • corporate collateral, direct mail, brochure design, ticket brochure
    • logo design, brand development, arts non-profit design
    • collateral design, stationery design, letterhead, business card
    • signage, way finding, POP design

    Brand Communications

    We help you communicate more effectively with collaborators, investors, boards of directors, grant makers, researchers, potential employees, you name it. And it’s our view that all of these communications are the early building blocks of your brand.

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