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Medical Legal Illustrations Land Major Jury Awarded Verdict

April 7, 2012
By David Ehlert
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Sat, 04/07/2012 - 00:00 -- David Ehlert

Cognition Studio was an integral team member on the Tri Hoang medical malpractice case. Brought in early in the game, certified medical illustrator David Ehlert was able to help sift through the complex case data and work with a team of specialists to understand the information that was vital to the case. Work on this case went on for over a year and was fervidly and meticulously reviewed and illustrated to ensure the jury would be able to follow along and understand even the minute details while grasping the overall picture. On this case, the illustrations were key to the jury’s ability to understand and stay involved in such a complex medical case and it took a team to get them to where they were.

Lawyer, Mike Wampold says…”Cognition studio was an integral team member in a recent medical malpractice trial that resulted in a $5.4 million verdict. The visuals that were created told the story of what happened to victim in such a compelling way the jury got the somewhat complicated story immediately. You couldn’t ask more of David than what he gave to this project–he patiently brainstormed ideas to improve the visuals and would not quit until each one was perfect. David was also incredibly responsive–he created new visuals on a moments notice in the middle of trial. Perhaps the best endorsement is this: I plan to use Cognition Studio on every trial from now on.”

Cognition Studio doesn’t get recognition when cases like this are won, we’re not mentioned in the newspaper or called for an interview, what we do get is the knowledge that our work has paid off. And it paid off big for Tri Hoang’s family and that is why we do what we do. We work hard to make our clients stand out.

Much gratitude to all those integral team members who made this case such a success.

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