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EMPOWERING HEALTH: A Discussion on the Power of Design in Health

September 20, 2013
By Kristine Johnson
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Fri, 09/20/2013 - 17:24 -- Kristine Johnson

Presented by AIGA Seattle as part of the 2013 Seattle Design Festival

This event showcased three joint case-studies from Rebecca Richards-Diop & Heidi Lasher (PATH), Sean West & Caleb Van Winkle (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation & Loaded Pictures), and Kristine Johnson (Cognition Studio). This panel lecture focused on the importance of design within the health industry.

Effecting Change, in 9 Months or Less

From global to local—local to global, Cognition's work in Pediatric investigational research is driving behavior change through the use of health-based knowledge. Cognition's Director of Design presented two fresh projects—the PEEPs project with Seattle Children's Research Institute, and the IMPS "I Just Couldn't Wait" preemie book + app—that demonstrate the value of design for use in field research and for health documentation.

At Cognition we are true believers in the power of design to advance a scientific agenda. We could use our critical design skills in an infinite number of ways, but we have a passion for science, for making a difference in the world; for helping people live a better life. Science is like that. And we like science.

We are a team of certified medical illustrators, medial animators, science education and communication specialists, science visualizors, designers, technologists and visionaries. Our blend is unique and strategically geared towards life sciences.

Science is complex. Clarity is essential.

We’re often awed by the scientists, inventors, doctors and other professionals we meet. In most cases they’ve dedicated a significant portion of their lives to the pursuit of improving some facet of the human experience. They want to make an impact. They want to change the world or at least a portion of it.

And yet, we are often equally awed by how utterly inarticulate these same people can be in attempting to explain, with anything close to cojency, what their particular world-changing science is all about.

And this is what makes them such great partners and collaborators. They know what they DON’T know. They know WE respect / revere what they’re doing.

At Cognition we believe the work we do today will have global impact tomorrow.

Our impact can be traced to our core science specialties. We have deep experience in Small Molecule Oncology Therapies – Neuroscience Research and Treatments – HIV and Hepatitis Infectious Diseases – Global and Environmental Health – and Pediatric Research.

The work designers do in healthcare is vital. So let’s be smarter and make a lasting measurable impact.