Cognition Studio, Inc.

strategic communications for life sciences


Curiosity. Discovery. Communication.

It’s not the CDC you usually think of, but these three ideas are in our DNA and are expressed in every facet – every cell – of our work.

Science Storytelling


  • Creative strategy
  • Shaping the science for brand / category milestones
  • Mature brand revitalization
  • Portfolio positioning
  • Big-idea generation / concept development
  • PowerPoint driven solutions (investors and peer-to-peer)
  • Scientific exhibits and convenings
  • Multichannel visual assets
  • Advanced case visual strategy and demonstratives

Science is complex. Clarity is essential.

The pharma, biotech, and healthcare industries require accurate visual stories to make their complex science, products, and services understandable. Storytelling strengthens our client's sense of agency by addressing their unique problems and opportunities with strategic creative solutions. We ask the whys, hows and what ifs that a target group may want to know… "listening" to their interests and needs before we craft a unique science story. Done well, our solutions are the conduit through which complex scientific findings transform into clear, compelling stories.

We’re not saving the world, but our clients are.

Building on 18 years of experience in specialty pharma, small biotech, and research-driven healthcare, Cognition's therapeutic category expertise include: blood-related cancers, neurology, autoimmune, respiratory, infectious disease, and global, environmental and public health.


Digital & Interactive Solutions


  • Immersive experiences through medical animations
  • Scientifically accurate 3D models
  • Creative technologies for exhibits and convenings
  • Patient education tablet interfaces
  • OsiriX CT and MRI reconstructions
  • Interactive product demos
  • Web & mobile apps
  • Mechanism of action/disease

From awe to understanding… knowing is good.

As much as technology is powering advanced scientific breakthroughs, it is also powering new ways to communicate about them. We purposefully fuse science with art and technology to accelerate the transfer of knowledge and understanding through thought, experience and the senses.

Connecting through transformative digital solutions.

We believe in building functional connections that drive emotional connections and result in meaningful engagements that build adherence between healthcare providers and patients. Our full service, award winning digital team provides creative, technical, and mobile solutions for life sciences and healthcare.


Brand Communications


  • Identity design
  • Digital branding
  • Brand environments
  • Brand story animations / motion design
  • Website & app design
  • Package design
  • Data visualization
  • Iconography
  • Art direction
  • Brand photo library

Great brands recognize the power of Design.

Design is a discipline somewhere between Art and Science. It is a form of alchemy, rich in experimentation, strategy, and research that is a method of incubating ideas and creating novel approaches to Life Science and Healthcare issues of strategy, adoption, and marketing. The Design process is very human embracing both analytical thinking and reflective feeling—the combination of logic and illogic. 

Growing through strategic positioning, insights and innovative work.

Life Science and Healthcare companies have an inherently unique challenge in promoting their science, products and services. A logo, an app, a digital experience, a package design or a physical environment all require consistent brand story across possible target group touch points in order to achieve brand supremacy.

Revealing the uniqueness that every brand has.

We design successful systems built on the clarity of brand. Our award-winning designers create identities, interfaces, and experiences for organizations who are seeking to build and market their brands. We believe our design solutions positively connect medical knowledge with people's desire to make healthy choices and lead productive lives.