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Multiple Sclerosis Drug Therapy


Kineta Bio is a Seattle-based science team dedicated to developing new therapies that tap into naturally present innate and adaptive immune functions for the treatment of autoimmune diseases. They needed a forward thinking series of illustrations to tell the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) autoimmune disease story and the novel mechanism of action (MOA) of their drug, ShK-186, that was designed to reduce inflammation and tissue destruction and restore normal immune function.

A primary feature of these illustrations was the creation of a composite image serving as the foundation for the Kineta story. This solution allowed for a step-wise approach to talk about MS and how ShK-186 blocks this disease process. At each step, a close up view was provided to serve as a drill down into key details (not shown in this portfolio).

This illustration series was developed specifically for use in PowerPoint with an investor target audience.

The final presentation had animated components to provide additional interest and value to Kineta's presentation.